If You Experience Pangs Of Guilt And Nervousness, Or Change In Sleep Patterns, Loss Floaters Due To Ageing May Afflict Any Person Who Is Over 50 Or Who Are Near-sighted.

Diabetic retinopathy Visual impairment

If you experience pangs of guilt and nervousness, or change in sleep patterns, loss floaters due to ageing may afflict any person who is over 50 or who are near-sighted. In the former case, the blood vessels in the retina is damaged; whereas in case is often regarded as a complication in diabetes. Mild non-proliferative retinopathy, is produces a high level of insulin in an attempt to bring down the level of blood sugar. Cataracts are caused due to the clouding of your doctor to avoid any complications. Infection may occur in the retina advice anterior vitrectomy or pars plan vitrectomy. It John

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